Collaboration project for RIDL, the open source IDL compiler frontend. Using RIDL you can implement your own IDL driven code generator/compiler.


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Manager: Martin Corino
Developer: Johnny Willemsen, Martin Corino

Latest news

RIDL version 2.5.6 released
RIDL version 2.5.6 released
Added by Johnny Willemsen almost 4 years ago

RIDL version 2.5.5 released
RIDL version 2.5.5 released
Added by Johnny Willemsen about 4 years ago

RIDL version 2.2.5 released
RIDL version 2.2.5 released
Added by Martin Corino about 5 years ago

RIDL version 2.2.4 released.
RIDL version 2.2.4 has been released. This is the first version that is distributed as a Ruby Gem through rubygems.org.
Added by Martin Corino over 5 years ago

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