OpenDDS 3.13.2 released

The open source community has released OpenDDS 3.13.2
Added by Johnny Willemsen over 3 years ago

The open source community has released on Wednesday April 3rd 2019 a new OpenDDS release. This release is available from the github release page

Features added and bugs/fixes

This is an excerpt of the NEWS, for full change information see ChangeLog within the source distribution
  • Service Participant, Transport Registry, RTPS libs updated to support certain Restart scenarios (#1081)
  • Wrong entity_refs_ counter when deleting data reader in the TopicDescriptionImpl (#936)
  • Add an include required for std::back_inserter (#965)
  • DDS Security on VxWorks7 (#968)
  • Fix unregister with nil handle (#1064)
  • Install with java: Fix classpath for i2jrt.jar and i2jrt_compact.jar in .mpbs (#1079)