OpenDDS 3.13.1 released

The open source community has released OpenDDS 3.13.1
Added by Johnny Willemsen over 3 years ago

The open source community has released on Wednesday January 23nd 2019 a new OpenDDS release. This release is available from the github release page

Features added and bugs/fixes

This is an excerpt of the NEWS, for full change information see ChangeLog within the source distribution
  • rtps_udp: enhanced generation of gaps for durable data (#1001)
  • rtps_udp transport: improved handling of socket errors (#1002)
  • Fixed a bug in contains_entity for DataReaders (#944)
  • Fixed set_qos method for not enabled DataWriters and DataReaders (#955)
  • Fixed requiring Conditions to be cleaned up in DataReaders (#958)
  • Fixed a locking issue in transport with Security enabled (#933)
  • Fixed total_count fields in on Offered/RequestedDeadlineMissed (#969)
  • Security: Fixing uninitialized values reported by valgrind
  • Support static builds with DDS Security enabled (#967)
  • Fixing build when no-builtin-topic and security flags are both configured
  • Configure: fixed detection of MSVC compiler versions
  • Configure on Windows: allow Perl to be located in a directory with spaces
  • Configure: follow redirects if using curl to download (#1025)
  • Configure: Android support (#964)
  • Configure: added for --host-tools option (part of #968)
  • Make install awareness of user_macros.GNU and improved Java bindings support (#1022)