OpenDDS 3.13 released

The open source community has released OpenDDS 3.13
Added by Johnny Willemsen about 3 years ago

The open source community has released on Wednesday August 22nd 2018 a new OpenDDS release. This release is available from the github release page


  • Includes a beta implementation of the OMG DDS Security 1.1 specification
  • Monitor library can be enabled with -DCPSMonitor 1 or ini file
  • Updated Wireshark dissector now supports Wireshark version 2.x
  • MultiTopic: use Topic’s QoS when creating constituent data readers


  • Memory management improvements
  • Command-line argument -DCPSRTISerialization takes a 0/1 parameter
  • Further refined fix for RtpsUdpDataLink::remove_sample locking
  • Improved Java bindings build process when using GNU Make
  • RTPS interoperability fixes from testing at OMG conferences
  • OpenDDS can be completely shut down and restarted within a process
  • Improved code generation for IDL unions, including in Javascript/V8
  • Fix for in-process messaging in FACE TSS
  • Fix for ReadCondition leak in OpenDDS::FaceTSS::receive_message
  • TCP reconnect enhancements
  • Removed unused sequence number tracking in DataReaderImpl
  • Fixed a memory leak in content filtering on the subscriber side
  • rtps_udp transport: improved handling of socket errors
  • RTPS discovery: avoid skipping sequence numbers in SEDP
  • InfoRepo: improved persistence with Built-in Topics


  • The contrib directory, which contained unmaintained code, was removed