OpenDDS 3.12 released

The open source community has released OpenDDS 3.12
Added by Johnny Willemsen about 4 years ago

The open source community has released on Friday September 1st 2017 a new OpenDDS release. This release is available from the github release page


  • Fixed deadlock in RtpsUdpDataLink::remove_sample locking
  • Track latency only when needed for LatencyBudget QoS or statistics
  • Corrected counters for sample rejected/lost liveliness lost total_count_change
  • get_key_value() now has a correct return value in case an error occured
  • Setting DCPSBitTransportPort without DCPSBitTransportIPAddress had no effect
  • Writer side association wasn’t removed after the the reader had unsubscribed
  • Fixed several memory leaks
  • Fixed issue with unregistered instances when deleting DataWriter
  • Fixed problem with multiple transport instances in a single transport config
  • EntityFactory QoS didn’t enable child objects when the factory was enabled


  • Configure supports ACE+TAO from DOCGroup repository as an option
  • Configure improvements for using external ACE+TAO and cross-compiling on Windows
  • Coverity fixes
  • Improved Bench performance test
  • Docker Hub now has an OpenDDS docker image